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On January 11th, Sanctuary Records/Universal Music in Canada is releasing the Deluxe Edition of Helloween‘s legendary Keeper Of The Seven Keys Parts 1 & 2. The album was released in October in the UK. With the arrival of the Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I album in 1987, Helloween was catapulted to the forefront of the hard metal scene. The following year’s Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II reinforced Helloween’s Metal credentials and set the band up for a career that is now within its 27th year. Both Keepers albums are massively influential throughout the heavy metal world and remain among the greatest albums of their era.


CD 1
Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I

1. Initiation
2. I’m Alive
3. A Little Time
4. Twilight of the Gods
5. A Tale That Wasn’t Right
6. Future World
7. Halloween
8. Follow the Sign

Bonus Tracks:

9. Victim of Fate (Single B-Side)
10. Starlight (Remix)
11. A Little Time (Alternative Version)
12. Halloween (Video Edit)
13. Savage (Single B-Side)
14. Livin’ Ain’t No Crime (Single B-Side)

CD 2
Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II

1. Invitation
2. Eagle Fly Free
3. You Always Walk Alone
4. Rise and Fall
5. Dr. Stein
6. We Got the Right
7. March of Time
8. I Want Out
9. Keeper of the Seven Keys
10. Save Us

Bonus Tracks:

11. Don’t Run For Cover (Single B-Side)
12. Dr. Stein (Remix)
13. Keeper of the Seven Keys (Remix)


Release Date: January 11th, 2011


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